Property Division

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, most property which is acquired during the marriage is subject to division during the divorce process. Under limited circumstances, property acquired before the marriage may be treated as if it were acquired during the marriage.  Determining, valuing, and disposing of marital property can be a complex process raising issues concerning real estate, tax, or estate planning matters, as well as the division of business interests, stock options and other types of assets. We work closely with other professionals including accountants, valuation experts, and financial planners to fashion an equitable disposition of marital property. The equitable division of marital obligations is often influenced by other factors in your case including support payments, custody arrangements, and your individual circumstances. Whether we are drafting, reviewing, or negotiating the terms of a separation and property settlement agreement or preparing your case for a litigated resolution, we will work closely with you to secure disclosure of the income, expenses, assets, and liabilities of each party and to analyze each party’s respective financial circumstances. 

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