Child Support

Child support payments are a contribution by one parent to another parent to defray the actual costs associated with raising a child. Although both Maryland and the District of Columbia have child support guidelines to provide some guidance regarding appropriate support, many factors may influence the determination of an appropriate child support payment. These factors may include but not be limited to the incomes of the parents, private school tuition expenses, work-related child care costs for the child, and the amount of monthly health insurance premiums to insure the child. Particularly for families with "above guidelines" income ($15,000 per month in Maryland and $20,000 per month in the District of Columbia), a careful review of the facts and circumstances of each case is warranted. Whether by agreement or litigated resolution, we will assist you in determining a basic child support obligation and calculating whether deviations or adjustments from the basic child support payment are warranted. We also assist clients with modifying an existing child support order or terminating child support payments. Our attorneys are experienced in actions to enforce court ordered awards of child support and in navigating the administrative processes of Maryland's Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) and the District of Columbia's Child Support Services Division (CSSD).

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