Alimony is a periodic payment from one spouse to a financially dependent spouse. The obligation to pay or the benefit of receiving alimony depends on an evaluation of a number of factors including, among other things, the length of the marriage, the financial circumstances of the parties, the respective ages and health of the parties, and each person's contributions to the marriage. Generally alimony may be awarded where a financially dependent spouse needs support for a limited period of time during which the financially dependent spouse acquires sufficient education or training to become self-supporting. Less frequently, and depending on the facts and circumstances of each case, alimony is awarded as ongoing support when one party is unable to become self-supporting or the court finds that the lifestyles that the parties can lead after divorce will be so different as to be unconscionable. We have experience securing initial alimony awards, defending against alimony claims, seeking enforcement of alimony awards, and modifying existing alimony payment terms.

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