Separation Agreements

The terms of a resolution of any or all issues arising out of a marital relationship or domestic partnership are often reduced to a written document executed by both parties. This written document is a separation agreement which forms a binding and enforceable contract regarding each party's rights and obligations.  A negotiated agreement often allows for creative solutions to disputes which would be unavailable to you in other forums such as a contested court process. We are experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the terms of separation and property settlement agreements and are creative problem solvers.

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Post-Marital or Domestic Partner Agreements

A post-marital, post-nuptial, or domestic partner agreement can be entered after a relationship is established by marriage or other circumstances. Like a prenuptial agreement, these agreements can provide for your rights or obligations during the relationship or in the event of a future separation, divorce, or the death of one party. Periodic review of the terms of any agreement or an assessment of the need for an agreement is beneficial as the circumstances of and expectations for any relationship evolve over time. Whether the circumstances of your relationship have changed or are anticipated to change because you are having a child, acquiring real property, contemplating a relocation, entering a business relationship, have acquired significant new income or assets, or you are unsure regarding your options, our attorneys can work with you to assess your case. Our attorneys can assist you in identifying potential issues, proposing solutions, and negotiating and drafting post-marital or domestic partner agreements.

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Pre-Marital Agreements

A pre-marital agreement may also be called an antenuptial agreement or a prenuptial agreement and is a written agreement between two people in contemplation of marriage. These agreements can provide for your rights or obligations during the marriage, in the event of a future separation and divorce, or death of one party.  lf you have children from a prior relationship, own a business, have acquired assets prior to your marriage, have significant income, or have other concerns, consult with our attorneys regarding your options.  We have experience in securing asset disclosure, forming negotiation strategy, and drafting and negotiating pre-marital agreements.

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